The artists arrived in the afternoon and staged their show.

Jon Karl Holm and JSG Boggs enjoyed the Lazy Boy recliner in the middle of the space.

David Waterman’s “L.O. Sailor” print (top left), Giancarlo Rendina’s anchor drawing, and Kim David’s paintings.

Brian Taylor had 2 works on the left and Ken Echezabal had the piece on the top right and I think the bottom piece is his too, but not sure.

Jon Karl Holm had an interactive work that resulted in a mess of spit balls all over the place. He stayed late to help clean up.

Waterman’s hilarious L. O. Sailor Cosmetics poster.

JSG Boggs’ work on the left and Stefanie Kohn’s “Unintended Princess”

Giancarlo Rendina, Steffi Kohn, Kim David and Jan Awai enjoying the park like ambiance.

Michelle Valentonis in the director’s chair and Kim David’s foot in the foreground.

Brian Taylor armed with ninja cooking utensils.