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Metal On The Outside

Metal On The Outside From the album "Born With A Mechanical Arm" by Five Extra Arms He was born, with metal on the outside. No one looked, to see what's on the inside. So afraid, of the metal on the outside. So afraid, to see what's on the...

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The Spirit Walk

Spirit Walk 2017 RPM CHALLENGE DEMO Frustrated with school and wicked classmates, the boy journeys out into the wilderness to escape, but is frightened by a serenade of murder frogs. Collaboration with Smokey (Song#13) and Sylvia Frost (Murder...

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He Looks Like A Robot

He Looks Like A Robot 2017 RPM CHALLENGE DEMO In the hallway, outside his science class, the kids are heard saying, "He looks like a robot!" "He looks like the Tin Man!!" Then one of them yanks off his backpack and throws it in the trash can. Vocals to be added....

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It snowed today in Rio Rancho, so the Florida natives were out exploring this fantastic phenomenon. As I snapped a few shots of Hondo, I was instantly reminded of Echo and the Bunnyman's album, "Porcupine". Is it the great pile of hair or the frozen...

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Hotel Murray

Hotel Murray From the album "Born With A Mechanical Arm" by Five Extra Arms Vivian asked him what he liked to drink. She handed him the menu, and he looked at the beers. When he came into the hotel the elevator was broken. It was stuck in the basement, so he took the...

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Marky Mashed Potato

Marky Mashed Potato 2017 RPM CHALLENGE DEMO The kids and I came up with this little ditty. Not sure who, what, when or how (or why?) but it happened. It has nothing to do with the boy with the mechanical arm. It's just one of those tunes that couldn't be...

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