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Born With A Steel Grip

Born With A Steel Grip (2017 RPM CHALLENGE DEMO) Born With A Steel Grip is the first song idea for my Boy With The Mechanical Arm album.  

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Granite Slabs

Granite is amazing. Katy and I had to choose a slab for our kitchen counter top. This was a tough choice. I think I would be perfectly happy with any and all of these granite slabs leaning up against the walls, but guess which one we chose? "Granite...

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Double Rainbow and Cotton Ball Sunset

The sky's performance began with a spectacular double rainbow and was followed by the most tremendous cotton ball sunset. Double Rainbow and Cotton Ball Sunset October 9, 2016

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Buenos Dias Rio Rancho

Moving In We left Tampa under a rainbow. Made it to Albuquerque and eventually our stuff arrived in big crates. Lots of big crates.

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Farewell Lake Beulah

Lake Beulah was the best studio space an artist could ask for. Air-conditioning, indoor plumbing and a beautiful view of Lake Beulah. It's hard to leave it, but another adventure awaits. Big Hondo spent many hours at the studio supervising. Today he watched the movers...

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