Hondo artist proof

Hondo’s latest art project is to create 20 Artist Trading Cards so that he and his Mixed Media classmates can trade each other and have a nice collection of other artist’s works.


He started with a pencil drawing of a character he created named Fat Lord Voldemort. He colored in a section of the head with a white oil pastel.


Next he added a washy layer of blue watercolor paint.


The oil pastel resisted the watercolor so the head stayed white and the background filled in with the blue.


He’s very precise as to how he paints the cards, one after another.


He blotted some of the areas where the watercolor paint pooled too heavily.


After the 20 cards dried, he used a tooth brush to splatter red paint on all of the cards, adding a 4th process to his cards. Check out his Experimental Skeleton “Cookie” cup.


Splattered with red.


After a very productive day in the studio, Hondo’s looking forward to the cards he trades for!