My good friend Jean-Christophe Valtat is an author, among many other things. His book Aurorarama has just been published by Melville House and he’s touring the US to promote it and a second novelette called “3”. He spent 3 days in South Beach so Katy and I had the pleasure of meeting him there and wining and dining and just hanging out.

A giant chair at the Delano.

Before he arrived I did a few drawings inspired by his book.

One of the characters in his book – “Cape Dorset” – has a mechanical hand. There’s also a scene where a ventriloquist doll bites someone.

Brentford Orsini has icicles on his mustache and I drew rendition of a polar kangaroo sculpture that had sound coming out of it’s palms.

We attended his book opening/reading at the Books A Million and spent the rest of the evening in the home of the French Consulate General (I think) who had an amazing art collection and duck liver. It was a great night for everyone, except the duck.

Go buy his book!