DEVA had a vocal track and I wrote the music around it. With AlienXXX we are working on songs as DEVA-X. She intends on re-recording the vocals one day (hopefully), so this track is still in the works.

With great effort, I spent a good amount of time learning the possibilities of these iOs apps in my songwriting. I used some iPad apps in an attempt to write the music for this song and a couple of others, but in the end I resorted back to what I know, which is the desktop version of GarageBand. I created the beats with the DM1 app and I routed the drums into TableTop and tried to write the bass line within the app, but when it came time to start putting the vox in, I was stumped.

After hours of creating rhythms and stepping them together in DM1, I learned it was easier to export the individual rhythms to iTunes and download them into the GarageBand app on my computer. I originally tried to do it in the iPad version of GB, but everything was too crowded so my high hopes of GB on the go crashed there.

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