The Blueberry Art Project is a one-day festival that will take place on a HUGE FACTORY in Eloise, FL. Eloise is a small community located in a warehouse district in south Winter Haven, FL. and If selected to participate you will have opportunity to arrive the day before to setup, meet your assistant, and prepare your area.

The event is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on December 31, 2011; and the end of event celebration is on the same evening at 7 p.m. This ENTIRE event is all about you and the power of art in community; it is about changing the world through creative expression. This culminates into a full-on red carpet event where the People’s Choice Award will be announced! 


If you consider your work a little left of the mainstream we would like to encourage you to participate in this event.  Oh and by the way, YOU ARE THE EVENT! The artists will be treated like the rock stars you are and celebrated for your contributions in restoring a broken and impoverished community. The competition is for prizes, awards, and “stuff…” Each artist will be assigned a volunteer to assist them while working (run get drinks or food – keep people back), a Hoodies & Goodies Bag, your own refreshment cooler, and more.  


There will be up to 35 Graffiti Artists selected to do the building painting, so there should be unreal spectator traffic.  
Artist’s Connection Chair: Artist, Tinia Clark


If you are interested in participating please contact Artist, Tinia Clark, 

or call (863) 293-2700, Arts Ensemble Education Foundation.