Chili Cook Off Theme Song

We needed a Chili Cook Off Theme song for the National Sales Meeting, so of course I jumped on it.

Yippee Eye Aye

If you ain’t had our chili
Then you don’t know it’s the best
Cuz chili isn’t chili
if it’s not from the South West

Our recipe, a favorite
A hundred years or more
You smell it, you come running
You’re pounding at the door

We’re certain that our chili
Is the best thing ever dreamed
Our chili is perfected
With a glob of sour cream

Some Fritos and some onions
And some chiles, red and green
And any kind of hot sauce
Will make you wanna scream!

So grab yourself a big bowl
a napkin and a spoon,
You’re welcome back for seconds
We hope to see you soon!

Cuz once you’ve had our chili
You’ll know that it’s the best.
Cuz chili isn’t chili,
If it’s not from the South West!!

Yeeeeee – Hawwwww!!!