Clash Royale – Draw

From the album “The Boy With A mechanical Arm

Clash Royale – Draw

he learned how to draw
to draw with his paw
his paw made of metal
he drew what he saw

he saw pretty faces
and ugly ones too
he liked to draw faces
they liked what he drew

he drew what he saw
they saw what he drew
they stared at his arm
and what it could do

his arm made of metal
his arm made of steel
they couldn’t believe
what they saw-ha was real

they gathered around him
and watched the boy draw
so, so fascinated
enamored – in awe

he looked at their faces
a difference he saw
he noticed a smile
instead of “ha ha”

he scribbled so quickly
and accurately
the kids that once teased him
were staring at he

a boy with an arm
that was made out of tin
was surrounded by faces
of pimples and grins

(much to his chagrin)