I put these walls up in 1995 when I decided to turn the pole barn into a painting studio. It was 1997 when I came up with the current color scheme for Image Brewery, and after more than a dozen hot and wet summers, Mother Nature is the victor over my Kilz primed paint job. I actually like the look of the old cracking peeling walls, but now my main concern is the security of the space, so it’s time to fixer up. It’s bad enough that the squirrels come in to see what I’m doing, but when the armadillos start pushing their way in, things have gone a little too far.

What I’ve decided to do is to use the massive chunks of styrofoam (from a previous project) to replace the rotten walls and create some kind of faux rock facade. Funds are tight, so I’m using what I have lying around and I think the foam will be a cool project and in the end it will give the building even more character. My buddy Pete from Home Supplies gave me a new entry door and locks, so I’m debating on keeping the old color scheme (purple door) or revamping the whole look. A lot of that depends on Home Depot’s “OOPS” paint selection.

In case anyone asks, my wish list for Image Brewery is a toilet, a second 20 amp breaker and possibly some kind of decking for the front. It’s so nice to hang out here during these cooler months. I might put a grill out here in case someone drops by, hungry for hot dogs.