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This weekend I had the great pleasure of hanging out with my wife Katy and one of my all time favorite rock n roll heros, cjdaley. Katy and I met up with him on Miami Beach for the second time in a year and it was as great as it gets. We talked about so many things, but for some reason, tonight, while sitting in front of garageband, I remembered some of the things cj and I talked about while sitting on the beach facing the misty Atlantic Ocean. One of the things we talked about was “women” (no, seriously!) and I thought about things that I didn’t say then, but that suddenly came to me tonight. I was just thinking about how important it is to give up your selfish habits in order to make a relationship work. I was thinking about the changes you make in your life to make things work out for the two of you, rather than the one of you. Actually, the two of you are one, so you need to make both of the one of you happy, so I wrote this song tonight. I felt like it was important to share this tonight rather than sometime next year. Thank you cj for the inspiration to write another song about my wife. Lol!


Planning your life?
Grab a good wife
Build her a home
Build it void of strife!

Build a Temple of Love
Stacked with bricks from above
Reminiscent of
Something Undreamed of….

Guard it with your life!
Cherish your good wife!
Protecting her from All Things Wild
Maybe one day she will give you a child?
Maybe everyday
Your life will be guiled (beguiled)


It doesn’t matter
If everything shatters!
Just pick up the pieces
And live with the creases!
Or glue back the pieces
And smooth out the creases!

She’s NEVER wrong
And you’re ALWAYS right
And we both agree
That we shouldn’t fight

You’re ALWAYS wrong
And she’s NEVER right

And we both agree
That we shouldn’t fight

And we both agree
That we shouldn’t fight