I’m currently working on 9 “Imagined DNA” portraits of my ancestors.


Each canvas is 27″ x 53″


I start with a drawing and project it to the canvas where I sketch it out or sometimes I paint directly from the projection.  This assures the best placement of the drawing.


I tend to work on multiple canvases simultaneously. Priming a few canvases and while they dry I paint on another.


The project develops nice when all the works are up on the walls and clearly visible.


There have been a few bold color combinations that have an amazing effect on my eyes.


I’m working with the canvases both flat on a table top and vertically.


I keep the original drawing near in an effort to preserve the qualities of the line that I like the most.


Some of the canvases look finished with just the white charcoal pencil and a single layer of paint, but I have much more to add to them.