Katy and I have discussed collaborating on a painting project for years. We’ve been married for 12 years and we’ve finally officially begun our first project.


While shuffling some paintings around, we paired up a couple of canvases that we each had created individually and we asked ourselves if it would make sense to purposefully create a pair of images intended to be side by side?


So the project began.


Katy started on an 8’ wide canvas and I wish she took the entire canvas with this beautiful field of color, but we agreed we’d try splitting the canvas just to see how it all works out.


After more development on her side of the canvas, it was my turn to start making marks. I decided to paint a portrait of her on my side. I brought the canvas to the studio and worked on it there for a while.


We talked about changing the background color and we agreed that Katy looks best with turquoise behind her. We grabbed a Fiestaware plate from the kitchen just to make sure. Yes. It’s the right color.


The blooms in the front yard further inspired me tonight. Katy often uses flowers in her work, so it makes perfect sense to me to include them in a portrait of her. It’s an homage, not a rip off.