The First Track from Boy With A Mechanical Arm

Born With A Steel Grip

One Saturday morning
before the sunrise
while people were snoring
they heard his first cries

A bouncing boy baby
Born with a surprise
A mechanical arm
That was twice his size!

How could this happen?
How could this be?
A mechanical arm
where a real arm should be!

The doctors and nurses
Tried not to freak out
This birth was the strangest
Beyond any doubt!

His mother and father
Did not seem alarmed.
The baby was cooing
And they were quite charmed

His arm was tremendous,
So shiny and cold
And riveted, welded,
Wired and bold.

The Doctor was worried,
he said with a cough,
“This mechanical arm
has got to come off!”

The Doctor was EVIL,
he said with a scoff,
“This mechanical arm
has got to come off!”

His mother and father
Weren’t sure what to do
They panicked! They grabbed him,
and out the door flew!

“You won’t hurt out baby!
You won’t do him harm!”
So they rescued their
Boy with a mechanical arm.

(From The Boy With A Mechanical Arm)