Head Crushing Machine - Belen Arts District Music Walk 2021

Head Crushing Machine’s debut performance at Silver Bar Studios on Becker Avenue.

Photo Credit: Logan Jeffers 2021

The very first live performance by Head Crushing Machine with their new “Heads”.

Synths and amps were staged in the foyer of the new Silver Bar Studios building at 106 Becker Ave.

There was no electricity in the building at that time, but Mayor Jerah Cordova made sure there was access to power from the street improvements that had just completed. This is the soundtrack performed that day.

After the performance, everyone took turns taking photos with the heads. Hondo Wolf had spent most of the day walking up and down Becker Ave and like a pied piper he drew a crowd in time for the performance. We decided we should have a HeadFest Parade soon and walk up and down the street. Maybe 4/20 and collaborate with the nearest dispensary?

Photo Credit: Katy Hernandez Dorsey