Hotel Murray

This is a combination of real life events, that occurred in February 2017, between Silver City, NM and El Paso, TX, shuffled around, exaggerated and fabricated to tell the story of the very first gal that’s not freaked out by the boy and his mechanical arm. Could this be his first love interest?


Vivian asked him
What he liked to drink?

She handed him the menu
He looked at the beers.

When he came into the hotel
The elevator was broken.
It was stuck on the basement,
So he took the stairs.

There was a cowgirl
Sitting on a horse in the lobby,
She’d been there since the hotel opened.

Vivian was amazed at how much he ate.
He had the brisket, the sausage, and the turkey.

He told her he was staying nearby-
He didn’t have far to walk.

She asked him if he wanted a doggy bag,
As she smiled and touched his mechanical arm.

(from The Boy With A Mechanical Arm)