Designed for Lakeland’s Underground artists, writers, musicians and thinkers to collaborate and liberate the Lakeland Art and Music scene from banality. Where are the innovators? The daring and original inventors of sights and sounds and vibrations?

This developing project involves a magazine type format for Lakeland’s true underground – creative entities that exist under the radar. Intended to provide content, interviews, reviews, and information about upcoming events, we are reaching out to others who are interested in Lakeland’s hidden underground scene. The LakelUNDER will inform the community of what lies beneath the surface. Events, exhibitions, performances, discussions, etc… Passionate, radical, energetic, experimental, adventurous, thrill seekers are invited to connect in an effort to create some strange noises and brighten up the neighborhood.

The first edition was scheduled for release in January 2016, but the winds stopped blowing the kite flying efforts ceased.

The LakelUNDER


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November 30, 2015