I’m trying to figure out a good setup for a live performance with several synths. I love some of the sounds I’ve created in GarageBand but I haven’t found a way to assign different synths or midi controllers to individual tracks simultaneously for a live performance. I’ve spent a few months trying to figure out how and because I’m easily distracted I came up with something totally different that is working for me at the moment. I bought MainStage for $30 to see what it would do. Because I’m using 5 synths and or midi controllers I am using iConnectivity mioXM as a midi interface. Took some figuring out but I can use everything in strange ways with great satisfaction. Setup: I’m using my Behringer MS-1 as my main midi controller, strange as it seems. It’s controlling my VFX and my V50 and also has its own voice and I’m running it int MainStage with a synth I created in GarageBand. Yeah. Simple. VFX is performing an atmospheric bass sound. V50 is using a preset of a guitar sound perhaps. MPD218 is being routed into MainStage and I’ll use it for pads primarily. This example is something random I chose to try to figure out how to make sound. I have a Behringer 12 channel Eurorack that everything is running through to my Alto monitors. Performance: I created a simple 8 step sequence on the MS-1 and ran midi out to the VFX and the V50 and controlled the volume of each synth on the Eurorack. I adjusted the modulation wheel early in the video after I tried to turn down the volume on everything and slowly turn it back on individually. I ran MainStage synths through the Eurorack and started with the volume off completely and then turned it up. I eventually turned on the volume of the MS-1 and adjusted the FM knob. On the MPD218 pads I configured the knobs to adjust the settings for the synth within MainStage. Coolest thing I learned today. They controlled the effects for the synth. One reason for all of this is so that I can perform live with my giant papier-mâché head on. I’m visually impaired so I’m trying to make things simple. I didn’t use my MPKmini in this video but I plan on using it as a controller for my Roland VT4 to modify my vocals. All three synthesizers have audio out as well as midi into MainStage. Twice the sound which is what a one man band needs.