Moon Museum

This was a poster project for the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Fort Myers. With an actual copy of the Moon Museum on display at the gallery, it was our intention to tap into the nostalgia of the Apollo Days when astronauts were going to the moon and installing art. Here are a few of the initial design ideas for the poster.


MoonMuseumPoster.1 MoonMuseumPoster.2 MoonMuseumPoster.3

Since the Moon Museum is mounted on one of the legs of the landing gear, we searched for photos of the Apollo XII Lunar Lander on the NASA website.

MoonMuseumPoster.4 MoonMuseumPoster.6MoonMuseumPoster.9


Some more modifications and we arrived with this as our final poster design. There were some folded posters created that folded into a smart 7” x 7” square.



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August 12, 2014