After making a Craigslist post looking for some “Young Alien Types” I met one. Jack is one helluva bass player and on top of that he’s a brilliant sound engineer. We decided to learn a few songs that we both knew and then get together and jam at his place. It was a great setlist with the Lords of the New Church, Siouxsie, Ultravox and a Magazine track. Since Jack is 1000 times better on bass than I could ever be, I took the role of synthesist.

I had a few different setups before I arrived at this one, and since then I’ve made another dozen changes in an attempt to simplify and complicate things simultaneously. This setup includes the AKAI MPD218 pad and the AKAI MPK mini with the Ensoniq VFX synth, Roland VT-4 and everything running through BitWig.

It began as the Yamaha V50 and Ensoniq VFX with my Roland VT-4 Vocal Transformer for vocals. Isn’t Jack’s studio beyond belief?

This is the setup for my hotel stays.