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If there were tremors reported in Phoenix this day, I can explain. There was a meeting of friends and collaborators whose impact on this world are quite possibly of biblical proportion. I was reunited with one of my most favorite artists/composers and all around cool cat, Particle Dots/Brian Eno/ Bryn. We had a great time catching up and we visited my other favorite artist Sylvia Frost at the five 15 arts gallery on Grand Ave. She was installing a wonderful exhibition of work with lovely movements, imagery and fragrances. It was great to get a sneak peak and to meet her in person after several collaborations.

We left there and ventured to the Cornish Pasty joint where we met my baby brother Eric who might be an inch taller than I, and way more handsome. We’ve been friends and bandmates for so long that the only thing we wanted to do was pinch and sniff each other. Oh, and eat some yummy pasties. Our server was terrific and we ate downstairs where the cool people hang out. Duh.

We left there and headed south to an amazing secret location where we stood and gazed upon Phoenix from a great elevation. As the sun set, the temperature dropped and we really had a great night, reliving the lies of the past and continually pinching and sniffing each other.

Both guys are great friends, amazing artists/musicians/singer/songwriters and excellent drivers, obeying 97% of the laws of the road and allowing other drivers the courtesy that is rarely due.

I’d like to thank the Mayor of Phoenix for all that he did to make this night the night that it was. It was majestical. 

My adventure continued the next few days with the coolest people I’ve ever worked with in my life. Sanmar’s  South West Region met up for a well proportioned couple of days of fun and work. The ATV part of the trip was unbelievable. Arizona has a beautiful landscape designed for the daredevils that we are. Our guides were knowledgeable and uber cool. It was a great day.