RoadStage Logo

Have you ever dreamed of touring Europe as a rock star? My friend Stefan has been doing just that for 25 years. The RoadStage is a 40ft long bus converted into a mobile stage, traveling from location to location, setting up in city squares in under an hour and giving performers the opportunity to play live with other musicians. Really smart guy with a passion for helping musicians experience live performance in a really slick way.

He asked me to help him develop a logo for his amazing operation. The focus is on the Stage and not so much on the Road, so after a few dozen design concepts were fleshed out, we are getting close to a final image. My references were his bus (a Margirus-Deutz 150 LS12), the diamond plating used on the stage floor, amps, knobs, wires, gold and silver.

Magirus-Deutz 150 LS12


Logo Development History:


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