RPM Challenge April 2020



I finished the goal of writing an album in the month of February, which is quite a feat, but here comes the April RPM Challenge!! I decided to do an EP which is 5 songs. My good friend Peter Rodgers had an idea for a song, with the guitar riff and everything. I wrote lyrics for what has become our first track “Quarantine”. We passed files back and forth using DropBox and had a great time doing so.

The last week of April (like the last week of February) I got serious and wrote a new “song” each night, hoping to get 5 songs done before the month ended. Well, as crappy as they were, they were completed before the end of the month. This time I challenged myself to write lyrics for each song and “sing” them. I did exactly that.

Now that the April RPM Challenge is over, Peter and I are going to work on them and try to make them “good songs”. That means, delete all of my fancy guitar tracks and let Peter play real tracks!