My friend Jade Dellinger gets around. He knows just about every famous artist ever born. He asked me to embroider some caps for a gift he was giving to an artist in Peru. He didn’t tell me that he’d make his presentation on a Peruvian TV show, but I’m not surprised by anything he does.

My sister Kathy did the actual embroidery for the caps and she did a great job.

Here’s some info I’ve taken from the project website:

The Puno Museum of contemporary Art, is a project created by the Peruvian artist Cesar Cornejo, which redefines the museum as an institution based in the community, in the managing as well as the infrastructure.

The artist proposes to work with the neighbors of the city of Puno in order to list spaces inside their houses which would need some construction work, offering them to do those works for free, with the condition that in exchange they wuld allow us to exhibit contemporary art in the repaired spaces for a peried of time. When we have a number of those spaces in different houses, we will have a museum of contemporary art spread over the city.

The museum will be open to the public, the payment of an entry fee would be required which will be managed by the community itself.

The city of Puno is located at the shored of the Titicaca lake, in the Peruvian mountains at 4,000 meters over the sea level, in the second poorest region in Peru. Near to the city there are importanta archaeological sites from important pre-hispanic cultures like Tiahuanaco, Colla and Pucara. It is also an important place regarding Andean mythology, the legend of Manco Ccapa and mama Ocllo about the origin of the Incas Empire, refers to the Titicaca lake as the place where its founders came from.

Puno today attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world, who come to visit the lake. The city itself though, doesn’t offer many other options to these visitors, wasting a large economic input and the benefit that this could bring to the community.