Experimental Skeleton’s Rediviva Exhibition at Flight 19, Tampa, FL 2008

A soundtrack was created for 3 individual pieces that were included in the Rediviva Installation at Flight 19 in Tampa in 2008. These “Environment Generators” are created to act as the space around the actual sculptures they belong to.


“Window #8” was composed for Bob Dorsey’s piece.


“Snapshot Version 2” was composed for Kim O’Donnell’s illuminated work in the foreground.


“Grackle” was composed for Joe Griffith’s work in the foreground.

Rediviva was shown first at Locust Projects Miami July/August 2007, then shown at Flight 19 in Tampa from March 14th – March 29th 2008.

Artists participating in Rediviva are Jeremichael Bonds, Robert Chambers, April Childers, Noah Doely, Bob Dorsey, Becky Flanders, The Fluff Constructivists, Gregory Green, Joe Griffith, Allen Hampton, Kara Holland, Kym O’Donnell, Paul Pisoni, Jason Rodrick, Brian Taylor, and Mette Tommerup.