Image Brewery was thrilled to have Valrico’s Ruby Dorsey spend the day in historic Downtown Lakeland. She spent the first part of her day working on science matters with total control of the musical playlist that was pumping out of the studio speakers. It was amazing to see her go from song to song while never once losing track of her school work. She’s one of those students that can work with fireworks going off in the room.


There was plenty of time for foolery. Ruby has a selfie stick that she’s having fun with these days. Here’s her self portrait with her finger in my nose.


Here’s my documentation of her in action.


After lunch at the Purple Onion, Ruby and I went to the Polk Museum of Art to pick up 2 of my paintings that were exhibited at the recent Art Squared exhibition. She met some of the cool people that work there and had a great time in the gift shop.


We left the museum and walked to Lake Morton to see the swans and ducks. This is the spot where we often celebrate our family’s Sagittarius birthdays (Kathy and Gramma D!!). The black swans were relaxing on the shore, impervious to Ruby’s stealth photography style.


Back at the studio we talked about painting techniques and Ruby worked on two portraits. I was surprised to see how easily she mixed colors to match what she saw. In a matter of seconds, she matched the eye and lip colors of the photo that she was working from. It took me so much longer to mix those colors and I was frustrated, stressed and worried, where she was confident and having fun!


After a long, punishing day in the studio, we walked down the street to the Citgo to get candy and a Strawberry Fanta. Life is good in a studio on Lake Beulah, especially when Ruby is there.