Homewood Sweet Home

My Homewood Sweet Home for 3 weeks – Issaquah

SanMar Headquarters

The secret Headquarters of my heroes at SanMar.

Eye Benches

Louise Bourgeoise Sculptures

Eye Benches I, II, and III, 1996-1997

“They are the expression, in abstract terms, of emotions and states of awareness, Eighteenth century painters made ‘conversations pieces’; my sculptures might be called ‘confrontation pieces”.  – Louise Bourgeois

Three Legs

Sidewalk Root

Friendly Faces

My friends at Archie McPhee!



The amazing Ceiling Tile in the lobby at my elevator. I was mesmerized every day as I waited to go up.

Chittenden Locks

More Friendly Faces

More of my friends at Archie McPhee.

Yellow Flower Bomb

Thinking about my Katyraven. Where is she?

Katy and Keira

Keira and Talula marched us up Rattlesnake Ridge at quite the hiker’s pace. The view was breathtaking, as was the hike. <huff puff>

Hikers On Rattlesnake Ridge

we took a break or two on the 1.9 mile hike to the top of Rattlesnake. Talula was a perfect guide dog!

Olympic Iliad

Alexander Liberman’s sculpture near the Space Needle in Seattle.

Kehinde Wilde

Saw a brilliant exhibition at SAM. Inspired!

Oriental Market

Thinking about my Ruby. Think we’ll get her a waving cat!


There’s a Monorail driving through this fantastic structure!

EMP Sculpture

The sights and sounds at the EMP were delightful.

Sonic Bloom

Cool low tones bellowing at the base of Don Corson’s sculpture near the EMP.

Outdoor Coathangers

A great way to save precious closet space.

Dark Skies

From Room 711.

The sky changed every night.

The Passenger

You never know who you’ll sit next to, or if they’re gonna lick you or not.

Glass Octopus


From Room 711.

3 weeks in Issaquah/Seattle was quite an adventure. I’ve never been to Washington, and their wondrous skies were worth the trip itself. Like a black and white movie version of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”, the sky was alive with movement and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. There were some wet days, but they weren’t anything like Florida’s stinging, sticky, hot, rainy day where the rain hits hard. The rain was kinda soft and floaty. I walked around and got soaked a lot, and my friends at the hotel laughed at me as I made puddles when I came in.

I got to hang out with one of my dear college buddies and he showed me the coolest places in West Seattle and beyond. It’s best when you get the locals tour. Thanks Sean!

Katyraven flew out for my second week away to celebrate our 14th Anniversary. She had 7 days to explore, relax and enjoy as I spent my days training. I don’t recall ever seeing her have so much fun as she did in Seattle. A couple trips to the SAM to see one of her grad school girlfriends and we had the nights and weekend to hang out, eat and see more friends. It was a great time!

Keira took us outdoors hiking and breathing the freshest air imaginable, then took us back to her cool place in Columbia City. I see the charm of this great city and now I understand why some never return from Seattle.