This is the scene at my desk where I’ve been working on Gaylen Sharp’s cd design for his new album and Kathy Peacock’s Basset Hound graphic for her Valentines Day event.

I sketch the images out in pencil, ink them and then erase the pencil before scanning in photoshop and vectorizing and coloring in illustrator. Then it’s off for approval and eventually off to print.

In this photo you can see the sketches of the individual elements of Gaylen’s cd – the cliffs, the sea, the man pushing a piano (it’s hiding in the stack of paper). I put the pieces together in Illustrator where I can scale them and rearrange them to get the best composition. I’ve learned the hard way that it’s easier to modify a single element that way rather than redrawing the entire graphic.


My sister organizes the Sweetheart Waddle event every year and she lets me create the graphic for the t-shirt. This year the Suncoast Basset Rescue has moved to Ocala, so we wanted to include the woods in the design. My thoughts were, if you go to the woods, you take a vw bus, a map, compass, and hiking gear. Here’s the final art for the 2013 Waddle.