Who has time to sit down these days? Certainly not me. I took my Roland TD5 stand part and made it taller so I can stand up to play the drums. I originally thought I would only use 3 pads – snare, hi hat and crash with the bass pedal, but then when I started modifying the instrument voices on the drum module, I decided that there were too many great sounds available so I added all the pads to the kit. I played for a few hours and was so inspired that I moved my synth stand into the room so I could work on my live performance. I connected the iPad and experimented with a few good drum apps like the DM-1 and the Korg iElectribe. The DM-1 was the easiest to use in a live environment.


I know I’ve tried to do this before, but this looks like a winning arrangement. Next step is a video performance of a song. I have a few in mind, so wish me luck on learning how to play them.