I’m feeling a little crowded in my studio space, so I’ve decided to paint it.  No, the walls aren’t getting a new coat of color. I’m painting the contents of the studio space, which includes an antique Singer sewing machine, a recliner, a fan, a fridge, a clothes dryer, a vacuum cleaner and a few actual art related items.


I’m blocking out the areas with colors that I don’t often use and I’m outlining everything. I’m trying to keep it simple and fun and claustrophobic, so I am putting as many objects into the composition as I can fit. My hope is that there’s no room for the artist – just like real life!


Meanwhile, on the other wall I’ve started a portrait of “Sid” for a “collector” in Honduras. Sid is a one eyed, no eared cat that lives in Roatan and is considered a local hero.


While Sid is drying, I worked on the studio painting some more. I decided to rework the outline – a single line looked a little weak, so I drew it in the way I do when I’m sketching, with a lot of scrubbing action. I’ve added the iPad on the tripod and some pots and a food processor on a shelf. It’s beginning to look like a studio!


Adding some more details, like brushes, tubes of paint and my squirt bottle.


The tripod and iPad are interesting to me. I’m wondering if I’ll add an image to the canvas? Or to the iPad, for that matter?


Working on the Le Creuset, the food processor, the Bissel and the Hotpoint.


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