Studio Assistant

I’ve finally made it to the stage in life where I have a studio assistant. After building the new wall sized easel at the house, Ruby helped me with my portrait.  
Sounds Of Our Youth

Sounds Of Our Youth

I love these kids and the noises they make! [embedplusvideo height=”281″ width=”450″ editlink=”” standard=”″...

Dorsey Family Photos

At Carlo and Diana’s wedding reception they had a photo booth with props. That says “Time for a Family Photo” to the Dorseys!  

Butterfly Portrait – Day 6 or so….

Do I really need to keep counting the days? I’ve changed Ruby’s face for a third time. I think this is the right one for the project. Next I need my hand models to pose with my glasses so I can reconnect the kids, and I need Katy to pose too. I faked that...

Butterfly Portrait – Day 1

I started a new canvas last night. It’s about 6′ wide. I only had a gallon of blue and a gallon of flesh colored paint and some graphite in the studio, so I didn’t get much more than an initial layout for the painting. I referenced photos of Katy and...