As with most scholarly scientists, many hours are spent in the lab, standing at the drawing board, thinking, drawing, erasing. Tonight I was witness to one of Ruby’s delightful scientific drawings in the making. Click below to see the brief documentation of “The Scientist”.


It’s really cool watching a young artist create something before your very eyes. I especially love how she erases the parts where the fingers go. Brilliant, like her mother.

Ruby and UBI

Then, as soon as she was finished, OOBIE showed up for some fun and games…

UBI Barfs

…and he puked…. so that inspired Ruby to puke…


Then Ruby decided to make better vomit with more chunks. (More video documentation of the creative process below)


RALPH!!! You have to be at the right angle to make it look really good – really believable. Hondo and Ruby know that to be true.
Hondo Yacks

Meanwhile mom is on the other side of the house, missing all the scientific fun that’s happening in the lab. Shhhh! Don’t tell her what happened. We don’t want her to get sick too!!