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Clash Royale – Draw

Clash Royale - Draw From the album "The Boy With A mechanical Arm Clash Royale - Draw he learned how to draw to draw with his paw his paw made of metal he drew what he saw he saw pretty faces and ugly ones too he liked to draw faces they liked what he drew he drew...

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Chili Cook Off Theme Song

Chili Cook Off Theme Song We needed a Chili Cook Off Theme song for the National Sales Meeting, so of course I jumped on it. Yippee Eye Aye If you ain't had our chili Then you don't know it's the best Cuz chili isn't chili if it's not from the South West Our recipe, a...

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Climb Above

Climb Above Another song from the Boy With A Mechanical Arm. They stung you Like and angry bee It hurt so bad It's obvious to see You rise above those things below Remember it no more Broken Ugly Stuff we throw Into the trash Away it goes You rise above those things...

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You’re Not Who They Think You Are

You're Not Who They Think You Are From the album Boy With A Mechanical Arm Try to find a way to tell them You're not who they think you are You have a klanky robot arm They claim you came form Planet Mars We don't like this kid He's not like us Let's push him under...

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Touch The Sky

Touch The Sky From the album Boy With The Mechanical Arm. You rather see him cry, cry, cry, than to see him touch the sky.

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Santa Fe

A recent stop at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. A first year painting class was installing an impressive exhibition of self portraits, and the photo dept had work on display too.

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